In the Krafft Basel history meets today. Succumb to the charm of the past and enjoy the unique feel-good atmosphere created by the combination of classic and modern design. The hotel is located in the heart of Basel’s lively old town. Be a part of lively old town of Kleinbasel with its angled alleys with our City Rooms or enjoy a breathtaking view to the Rhine and Basel’s old town in our River Rooms. 

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Balcony doors of Double Room Rhine View
8-11sqm small single room with rhine view and single bed

Consum Residence by Krafft Basel

Opposed to Hotel Krafft Basel you can find the Consum Residence. The rooms offer stylish combinated classics of design and the view at the vibrant Rheingasse with its angled alleys. Experience the lively district and the closeness to Consum wine bar.

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