Hotel am Rhein
EST. 1873

Once upon a time, three middle-aged houses were bought and demolished by Ernst Krafft during the spirit of optimism in 1872. The ambitious restauranteur had always wanted to be a hotelier as well. Wanted, done. The architect Ferdinand Iselin created an imposing building with classicist features that has always been a hotel. In 2023, we will celebrate the 150-year history of the Krafft and would like to have you with us.

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A letter for our friends

The year 2023 stands in a very special light. We are celebrating a colourful and round anniversary. We're not revealing everything yet, but this much can already be said:

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The history

A short summary of the 150 year history of the Hotel Krafft.

Find out here why the Krafft is spelled with two "f "s. 

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A parrot,
a clown & a poet,
a Queen & Hulk


Wall of Krafft