Hotel Krafft

Yes, it’s in a prime location – directly on the Rhine River with awesome views. That’s Hotel Krafft, a fixture in Basel since the late nineteenth century. The hotel extends over five floors, with the promenade along the Rhine and the nearby Rheingasse providing a lively backdrop. It’s a place where guests always receive a warm and friendly welcome.

Stay with us

Each step takes you through the history of the rooms, while the view outside brings you back to the here and now ...

Rooms & Suites

Joy of eating

At the moment, indulgence in our dining hall is taking a break, as our kitchen is being rebuilt. In spring, we will be back with fresh ideas and ingredients, in the restaurant and on the terrace.

Restaurant Krafft


A quiet place to work or hold video conferences – great for boring meetings, too.


About us

We are there for you, front of house or behind the scenes. Early in the morning, or late at night.


Getting here

We are the goal – you choose the path. Never mind what it says on the paper map or Google Maps. Here are the fastest ways to get here.



«You never come home,"
she said kindly,
"but where friendly paths
intersect, the whole world
looks like home for
an hour.»

Hermann Hesse