Support Your Local Hotel

More than just an overnight stay – for CHF 150 you can feel at home in a hotel in your own city. Go for a bike ride or stroll through town across the Rhine bridge. You can look back across the river at Krafft Basel, where your vacation in the city begins. Stay in a double room, sleep in late on the comfortable bed. No need to worry about breakfast. The Krafft restaurant will take care of that for you. Are you ready to spend a night in a hotel in your own city?

 This offer is valid for all guests who live in the cantons of Basel-Stadt or Basel-Land.


At a glance

In addition to the usual extras, this offer also includes:

  • Overnight stay in your own city
  • Pillow and blanket menu
  • Open library for creative breaks

Contact and other offers

This deal is offered together with Pro Innerstadt Basel. Are you looking for something else? Contact us, or look through the overview once again.

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